Revitalizing Achievement by Using Instrumentation in Science Education (RAISE)

RAISE project has developed a partnership between Polytechnic University and four New York City high schools to enhance student achievement in Active Physics, Marine Science, Regents Living Environment, Regents Physics, and Math-A. Under this project three principal investigators (PIs), over 12 GK12 Fellows (RAISE Fellows) annually, and 16 teachers have collaborated to integrate modern sensing, instrumentation, and monitoring technologies in two required science courses (Active Physics and Living Environment) and two science electives (Marine Science and Physics). Another course (Math-A) is being impacted indirectly since use of instrumentation must be based on a solid foundation in math. Judicious integration of sensing technology in curriculum and instructional framework is exciting the students and imparting technology literacy to them.

Through a collaborative relationship among the PIs, Principals, teachers, an education expert, an evaluator, and the local engineering community, the RAISE team has planned an array of activities to create an exciting and engaging program that is enriching the educational experience of students. The project plans include:

  • recruiting, training, and deploying 12 RAISE Fellows in 3 schools;
  • addressing workforce diversity issues;
  • imparting technology literacy to teachers;
  • developing modern sensor-based activities relevant for grades 9-12;
  • mentoring of RAISE Fellows by the PIs and teachers;
  • conducting annually a career awareness day, a professional development day, and a weeklong orientation workshop for the RAISE Fellows and teachers;
  • utilizing local engineering community's resources for outreach activities;
  • disseminating project activities and outcomes; and
  • conducting assessment of project impact through an external evaluator.

Synergistic activities in support of the RAISE project have been developed by leveraging institutional outreach centers, viz., the Packard and YES Centers, and a National Science Foundation sponsored Research Experience for Teachers Site in Mechatronics. Finally, the RAISE project team is continuing to develop strategic partnerships with the development office of the university, schools, school districts, local businesses, various funding agencies, and our governmental representatives to ensure longevity of RAISE-type activities.