Prof. Vikram Kapila


No. Role Agency Project Title Funding Date (MM/YY)
1 PI NSF ITEST: Promoting Robotic Design and Entrepreneurship Experiences among Students and Teachers. Co-PIs: J. Listman, C. Milne, J. Montclare, and O. Nov; Sen. Pers.: B. Esner, M. Iskander, and M. Porfiri. $1,039,315 09/16
2 PI NSF RET Site in Mechatronics and Robotics with Entrepreneurship and Industry Experiences. Co-PI: J. Listman; Sen. Pers.: W. Chen, E. Dressaire, B. Esner, J. Kim, O. Nov, and M. Porfiri. $600,000 06/16
3 Fac. Adv. Venture Well Smartphone Stroke Rehab. Co-Advisor: P. Raghavan; Student Mentees: A.R. Kumar, S.P. Krishnamoorthy, and Seda Bilaloglu. $7,500 06/16
4 PI NYU DoE Summer 2016 STEM Education Partnership Program. Co-Directors: V. Kapila and B. Esner. $351,510 03/16
5 Fac. Adv. Venture Well Course & Program Faculty Grant: Pre-Capstone Innovation Experience. PI: J. Montclare; V. Kapila one of nine faculty participant. $30,000 03/16
6 PI NYU DoE Robots, Microcontrollers & Computing for STEM Ed. Co-PIs: J. Listman and B. Esner. $31,785 02/16
7 Fac. Adv. Verizon Connecting People to Robots Using Interactive Augmented Reality Apps. Student Mentees: J.A. Frank and M. Moorhead. $25,000 02/16
8 PI Multiple Friends of NYU Tandon Mechatronics and Robotics Program. $20,200 01/16
9 PI Multiple Expanding the Center for K-12 STEM Education. Co-PI: B. Esner. $1,100,000 07/15
10 PI Con Edison Underground Live End Cap Splicing Machine. Co-PI: S.H. Lee. $31,450 07/15
11 PI NYC DoE Summer 2015 STEM Education Partnership Program. Co-Directors: V. Kapila and B. Esner. $9,39,429 7/15
12 PI NSF DR K-12: Teaching STEM with Robotics: Design, development, and testing of a research-based professional development Program for Teachers. Co-PIs: M. Iskander, C.Milne, and O. Zaslavsky; Sen.Pers.: B.Esner. $2,545,955 09/14
13 Sen. Pers. NSF RET Site: Research experience and training in cyber security for Pre-College teachers. P1: N. Memon, 1 Co-Pl, 2 Senior Personnel. $500,000 04/14
14 PI NSF Mercy Intensive STEM Teacher Initiative (MISTI)—Subcontract $20,075 01/14
15 Co-Dir. Multiple Applied Research in Science and Engineering (ARISE): Summer Research Program for High School Students. Co-Directors: B. Esner, V. Kapila, and M. Iskander. $1,797,272 01/13
16 Sen. Pers. NSF Building Cyber Security Capacity in Two-Year and Four-Year Colleges. PI: N. Memon, 3 co-PIs., 1 Senior Personnel $871,763 09/12
17 PI NSF RET Site: Science and Mechatronics Aided Research for Teachers with an Entrepreneurship expeRience (SMARTER). 6 Senior Personnel. $530,537 05/12
18 Co-PI NSF Building Cyber Security Capacity by Means of a National High School Digital Forensics Challenge. PI: N. Memon, Co-PI: R. Karri. $2,99,901 09/11
19 Co-Dir. Multiple Robotics, Mechatronics, Smart Cities Informal Education. Co-Dir. B. Esner. $573,325 07/11
20 Co-Dir. Multiple Central Brooklyn STEM Initiative (CBSI). Co-PIs: B. Esner and M. Iskander. $1,854,920 07/10
21 PI Multiple RET Site: Science and Mechatronics Aided Research for Teachers (SMART). Senior Personnel: N. Gupta, M. Iskander, and M. Porfiri. $517,000 01/09
22 PI NSF New, GK12: Applying Mechatronics to Promote Science (AMPS). Co-PIs: M. Iskander and B. Esner; Senior Personnel: D. Czarkowski, R. Levicky, and M. Porfiri. $3,000,000 06/08
23 Co-Dir. NYC DoE Applied Science and Technology Institute. N. Kriftcher (Co-Director). $142,416 05/08
24 PI Multiple Central Brooklyn Robotics Initiative (CBRI). Co-PIs: N. Kriftcher and M. Iskander. $580,700 07/07
25 PI NYSED Summer Mechatronics Institute for Teachers (SUMMIT). N. Kriftcher (Co-PI). $240,654 05/07
26 Co-PI NYSED Summer Workshop in Instrumentation, Sensors and Engineering (WISE). M. Iskander (PI) and N. Kriftcher (Co-PI). $297,455 05/07
27 PI NYC DoE Expanding the Center for K-12 STEM Education. Co-PI: B. Esner. $126,000 07/05
28 PI NASA NYC Mechatronics Mentoring for NASA SHARP Students. $5,000 06/05
29 SFF OIIS Senior Faculty Fellow Award. $45,000 9/04
30 PI NSF Revitalizing Achievement by using Instrumentation in Science Education (RAISE). Co-PIs: M. Iskander and N. Kriftcher. $1,514, 762 06/04
31 PI NASA Architectures and Algorithms for Distributed Spacecraft Formation Control. $72,000 09/03
32 PI NSF Research Experience for Teachers Site in Mechatronics. $450,000 01/03
33 PI NYU Teaching/Education: Multiple Awards/ Grants $65,000 04/15, 05/14, 05/11, 05/08, and 10/02
34 PI NaSa Algorithms and Architectures for Control of Distributed Spacecraft Formations $62,895 10/01
35 PI AFRL Control Algorithms for Cooperative Control of Spacecraft Formations $44,378 06/01
36 PI ORI Multi-Vehicle Coordination: Multiple Grants $111,000 06/00
37 PI NYSGC Applications of Internet-based Real-Time Control in Mechatronics Oriented Projects $340,910 02/00
38 PI ASME Real-Time Experimental Control Workshops $10,000 9/99
39 Co-PI NSF Development of A Remote Access Internet Based Mechatronics/Process Control Laboratory. PI: A. Tzes. $99,998 07/99
40 PI Air Force Advanced Control of Formation Flying Spacecraft $38,336 06/99
41 PI AFOSR Dynamics and Control of Spacecraft Formation Flying $25,000 01/99
42 PI ASHRAE Instrumentation Support: Multiple Projects $10,000 08/98
43 Faculty Associate AFRL Spacecraft Formation Flying $10,000 06/98
44 PI NYSGC Applications of Remote-Access in Mechatronics Oriented Senior Projects. Co-PIs A. Tzes and S. Kumar. $30,000 02/98
Total Funding: $21,008,441