Revitalizing Achievement by Using Instrumentation in Science Education (RAISE)


Revitalizing Achievement by Using Instrumentation in Science Education (RAISE) project will address several common areas of identified needs in four New York City high schools: George Westinghouse, Paul Robeson, Marta Valle, and the High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology. The project objectives are as follows:

  1. Enhance student achievement in standardized exams, viz., the Regents Exam of Living Environment, Physics, and Math-A, by integrating modern sensing, instrumentation, and monitoring technologies in the laboratory curriculum of the following courses: Living Environment, Active Physics, and Physics.
  2. Excite students about STEM disciplines through real-world science and engineering projects that make extensive use of modern sensors and provide teachers with technology proficiency, qualifications, and resources to integrate project-based learning and learner-centered teaching in STEM curriculum and instruction.
  3. Develop human resources by:
    • inspiring inner-city students to pursue challenging academic work, meet high academic achievement standards, acquire a passion for STEM disciplines, and pursue STEM careers;
    • enabling RAISE Fellows (GK-12 Fellows) to develop communication and leadership skills and a deeper appreciation for STEM disciplines, and become role models.
  4. Strengthen the ties between NYU Tandon School of Engineering and the New York City school districts.