2-DOF Rotary Inverted Pendulum

Brief Description
In this experiment, two DC motors drive a four-bar link. A 2-D pendulum is attached to the four-bar link as shown in the picture below. The 2-D pendulum is maintained in the vertical-upright position by a controlled motion of the four-bar linkage. The system can also be used as:

  1. a 2-D robot,
  2. a 2-D gantry, and
  3. a 2-D plotter.

Design projects in graduate controls-oriented courses and graduate student research.

Past Experience
In previous years, students have designed and implemented simple LQR-based, linear, digital controller for stabilization.

Future Plans
Develop full nonlinear system dynamics using Lagrange’s method and design and implement nonlinear controllers (e.g., feedback linearization, passivity, etc.).

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2-DOF Rotary Inverted Pendulum