Water Tank

The laboratory liquid level control system consists of two tanks with orifices and level sensors at the bottom of each tank, a pump, and a water basin. The two tanks have same diameters and can be fitted with different diameter outflow orifices.

In this laboratory setup, the pump provides infeed to Tank 1 and the outflow of Tank 1 becomes infeed to Tank 2. The outflow of Tank 2 is emptied into the water basin. In this exercise, students model, calibrate, and control the two-tank liquid level system.

In particular, this experiment exposes students to the fundamental modeling principle of fluid mass balance, pressure sensor calibration, and a feedback control design methodology for a state-coupled, two-tank liquid level system.

Proportional-plus-integral controllers are used for Tank 1 and Tank 2 in this experiment. The water level in Tank 2 is controlled by controlling the outflow through Tank 1. Four knobs, providing adjustability of the control gains for both tanks, are provided in the Control and Animation panel.

Note: Tank 1 or Tank 2 should not exceed a water level beyond 26 centimeters otherwise the experiment will automatically stop.

Water Tank