Liquid Level and Flow Control Rig

Brief Description
This experiment consists of a relay-controlled, submersible pump that lifts liquid from a lower tank through a piping network into an upper tank. The liquid from the upper tank is drained into the lower tank through several pipes that can be opened/closed by solenoid valves. A servo valve controls the liquid flow rate into the upper tank. The liquid flow rate is measured by a flow rate sensor while the liquid level in the upper tank is measured by a float sensor. The objective is to maintain a certain level of liquid in the upper tank.

Undergraduate controls laboratory, design projects in graduate controls-oriented courses, and graduate student research.

Past Experience
The Feedback Instruments Inc. engineers have modified their standard process interface, per our specifications and recommendation, to provide an open architecture control environment that facilitates interfacing of process inputs and outputs to typical data acquisition and control cards (e.g., MultiQ3). Open-loop response data, system component calibration, differential on-off control, and PI control for liquid level set point regulation have been carried. This testbed is currently being used to investigate algorithms for system identification and nonlinear trajectory tracking control.

Future Plans
Dynamic modeling, system identification, and linear/nonlinear control. Integration with a liquid temperature control rig.

Feedback Instruments Inc.

Liquid Level and Flow Control Rig