Summer Mechatronics Institute for Teachers (SUMMIT)


Enrich education in the pre-college environment by providing teachers with enhanced science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) educational content through the mechatronics workshop. Our principal objectives are:

  • Introduce the multidisciplinary field of mechatronics to teachers through training, mentoring, and research, and in the process reinforce their math, science, and pre-engineering skills.
  • Provide teachers with experience, skills, and resources in mechatronics-oriented project development (using sensing, actuation, control, and micro-controller technologies) so that they can
    • integrate project-based activities in their STEM curriculum;
    • enhance their science laboratories by bringing real-world experience to schools; and
    • inspire their students to pursue careers in science and technology.
  • Train teachers in the use of computer technology to enrich instruction and learning.

In hands-on project activities, teams of 2 to 3 teachers will work with the program personnel on real-world engineering projects involving modern measurement and control systems. The projects will introduce the teams to various engineering disciplines. All projects will utilize modern instrumentation and computer-based DAC tools. Specifically, teachers will integrate sensors, actuators, electro-mechanical components, DAC boards, etc., to design measurement and control projects. Carefully selected laboratory projects relevant at grade 9-12 levels will excite and motivate the teachers to excel in these projects.