Applying Mechatronics to Promote Science / Central Brooklyn Robotics Initiative (AMPS / CBRI)


The goals of this project are to:

  1. Broaden the education and training of Fellows and provide them with teaching, communication, pedagogical, management, and team building skills;
  2. Develop human resources by enabling Fellows to develop a deeper understanding of STEM concepts and the process of knowledge building;
  3. Engage and excite students in STEM studies through robotics competitions and real-world science and engineering projects that make use of mechatronics and robotics;
  4. Develop human resources by inspiring inner-city students to pursue challenging academic work, meet high academic achievement standards, and acquire a passion for STEM disciplines/ careers;
  5. Provide teachers with professional development, technology proficiency, qualifications, and resources to integrate hands-on learning activities in their classes; and
  6. Strengthen the ties between NYU-Poly and the NYC school districts.