Applying Mechatronics to Promote Science / Central Brooklyn Robotics Initiative (AMPS / CBRI)


"At Cripus Attucks, the AMPS program has supported our instruction in Math, Science and Technology. The students have gained insight into inquiry based learning in a collaborative setting through research, problem solving, and explorations, strengthening their understanding of math concepts and scientific processes. It also supports our school's mission to provide experiences that affect the world at large."
Harold Anderson

Principal, PS 21

"The robotics program has helped bring the curriculum to life for our students. It fits into every aspect of our curriculum including Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. The engaging, hands on, problem solving techniques developed by the students in conjunction with the program will continue to support them throughout their lives."
Sharon Holliday

Teacher, PS 399

"Young Scholars Academy appreciates the support NYU-Poly has provided us in the areas of Math, Science, and Technology. As a new school with a small community, our resources are very limited. Through robotics and mechatronics, the Fellow has provided our students with exciting and fun ways to learn about science. The program has also taught our students how to be responsible for each other, be problem solvers, and think critically through collaborative work."
Leonarda Huertas

Teacher, PS 636

"Ronald Edmonds Learning Center appreciates participating in its AMPS partnership with NYU-Poly. AMPS helps our effort to improve learning in STEM subjects at the middle school level. Our Fellow uses LEGO to teach robotics and mechatronics, and he mentors our students to participate in FIRST LEGO League, which generates enthusiasm for collaborative learning, scientific inquiry, data analysis, and design. This way they love learning science and technology!"
Jeffrey Stephens - Prince

Technology Teacher, MS 113

"At IS 267 the AMPS Fellow integrates concepts of robotics and mechatronics into the traditional mathematics classroom. This is achieved through hands-on team based projects. Collaborative work among students is a primary goal, along with strengthening of traditional math and science knowledge, and technology literacy. In addition, through the FIRST LEGO League Competition additional objectives of accountability and responsibility in our environment are realized. It is the combined goal of IS 267 and the AMPS Fellow to have a broad impact on students through learning in Math, Science, and Technology, and through the fostering of early professional development."
Neil Abell

Teacher, IS 267

"Eugenio Maria DeHostos Intermediate School 318 greatly appreciates the chance to participate in its AMPS partnership with NYU-Poly. Our collaboration between our engineering Fellow, Alex Kozak, and our computer/robotics teacher, Russ Holstein, has greatly improved learning in STEM subjects, particularly with our sixth grade students directly involved in a collaborative learning experience. Our Fellow has been a revitalizing force behind examining, revising, and expanding our current technology curriculum so as to further the mastery we wish students to achieve and inspire them to get directly involved in engineering. The lessons being created and taught to these students has challenged them and fostered a greater desire for the discovery process associated with science and technology."
Russell J. Holstein

Educational Technology Specialist, IS 318

"Philippa Schuyler Middle School is excited about its AMPS partnership with NYU-Poly. Our Fellow engages and teaches our students in the areas of mechatronics and robotics with experiments and hands-on applications. The students are developing math, science and technology skills in order to compete in the advancing world economy."
Lindrick Outerbridge

Technology Teacher, IS 383

"At Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women, I have been running the robotics program on my own for 2 years prior to being involved in the AMPS project. This year has definitely been a positive improvement for many reasons. I am so thankful to have my Fellow, Nicole, in the classroom now. She has acted as our expert and team cheerleader. In addition to that, being involved with AMPS has allowed my students to compete in the FLL competition, something that we had not experienced before as a school. My students and I are definitely looking forward to participating in this program for another school year."
Nzinga Ebron

Robotics Teacher, UAI