Applying Mechatronics to Promote Science / Central Brooklyn Robotics Initiative (AMPS / CBRI)


Data on the impact of the AMPS/CBRI project on the Fellows, students, and teachers are obtained through surveys, observations, and interviews. Each Fellow is asked to complete a survey of changes in their ability and confidence to communicate and teach technical knowledge to non-technical audiences, as well their professional self-esteem, i.e., sense of reward and accomplishment resulting from their participation. In the longer term, follow-up surveys will be used to assess the career success of graduating Fellows.

Each participating student is asked to complete a survey on changes in their interest in math and science, interest in careers involving math and science, and motivation and factors related to academic improvement resulting from this program. In addition to closed-end questions, this survey includes open-end questions where students briefly write about their experience in the program. Information regarding student engagement is collected through site observations and event observations.

Each cooperating teacher is asked to complete a survey on changes in their teaching practices, attitudes, confidence, and motivation resulting from this program. Site observations are conducted in schools to document evidence of impact on teacher practices and identify the ways in which teachers are utilizing the support of the Fellows.