Science and Mechatronics Aided Research for Teachers with an Entrepreneurship Experience (SMARTER)


The project objectives are as follows:

  1. Introduce the multidisciplinary field of mechatronics to teachers using a structured and integrated learning environment, consisting of training, mentoring, and real-world collaborative engineering research, to renew their science, math, and research skills.
  2. Provide teachers with experience, skills, and resources in hands-on, engineering research and entrepreneurship, including prototype product development, so that they can
    • integrate project-based learning in their science and math curriculum;
    • enhance school labs by integrating real-world technology used by scientists and engineers;
    • improve their research, communication, presentation, and business skills; and
    • inspire their students to pursue careers in STEM and create technology ventures.
  3. Conduct a student idea competition and create a summer internship program for high school students.
  4. Enable undergraduate and graduate researchers to develop communication and leadership skills and a deeper appreciation of STEM disciplines through participation in training and mentoring of teachers.
  5. Enable project personnel to integrate their research, teaching, curriculum and lab development, and outreach activities.
  6. Strengthen ties between NYU Tandon School of Engineering, NYC schools, start-up businesses, and philanthropic organizations.
  7. Assess program activities and disseminate program outcomes.