Science and Mechatronics Aided Research for Teachers with an Entrepreneurship Experience (SMARTER)


Development of a Matlab-Based Graphical User Interface Environment for PIC Microcontroller Projects

2004 ASEE
by Sang-Hoon Lee, Yan-Fang Li, and Vikram Kapila
Paper (pdf)

Internet-Based Remote Control of a DC Motor using an Embedded Ethernet Microcontroller

2004 ASEE
by Hong Wong and Vikram Kapila
Paper (pdf) | TINI Java code (zip) | GUI Java code (zip)

Internet-Based Remote Control using a Microcontroller and an Embedded Ethernet Board

2004 ACC
by Imran Ahmed, Hong Wong, and Vikram Kapila
Paper (pdf) | 2004 ACC Paper (pdf) | PBasic code (bsp) | PC Java server code (zip) | GUI Java code (zip)

Matlab-Based Graphical User Interface Development for Basic Stamp 2 Microcontroller Projects

2004 ACC
by Yan-Fang Li, Saul Harari, Hong Wong, and Vikram Kapila
Paper (pdf) | 2004 ACC Paper (pdf)

A Mechatronics aided Light Reflection Experiment for Pre-College Students

2004 NSF conference
by Saul Harari, Sang-Hoon Lee, Yan-Fang Li, Dong-Young Ko, and Vikram Kapila
Paper (pdf)

Science and Mechatronics Aided Research for Teachers (SMARTER): A Research Experience for Teachers Site in Mechatronics

2004 ASEE Mid Atlantic
by Vikram Kapila and Sang-Hoon Lee
Paper (pdf)

Build and Test a Conductivity Probe with Arduino

by Phillip Cook and Iulian Irimina

Building a Stronger (Sweeter) New Orleans

by Charisse Nelson and Sarah Wigodsky

Create a Safe Bungee Cord for Washy!

by Marc Frank and Ramona Fittipaldi

Physical Computing Using Arduinos: Making LEDs Blink and Fade

by Michael Zitolo and Lisa Ali

When Should I Drink My Hot Chocolate?

by Brian Palacios and Lauren Schulman